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A mother, wife and photographer...


Originally from Cranberry Portage MB, a small town in North Central Manitoba and currently residing in Calgary AB. 

I achieved my BFA at the University of Calgary, where my passions led me to a double major in photography and drawing. My art has been featured in Flare Magazine and Transformation to Parenthood (Shaw TV production).


For me, life is about the little things: What makes up the world around us and what shapes our lives.  Where I grew up shaped me, not just as the person I am today but the artist that I am and how I look at the world around us.  My interests are in exploring the abstract and taking a closer look at what surrounds us.  I find it fascinating to look at nature and find beauty in what others may not see - the unnoticed.  I enjoy taking portraits and catching moments in time, a glance at a loved one, a child at play or a baby, new to this great big world. Life is the moments that shape us, the memories that we hold dear and the impression we all leave. 


I have 4 beautiful children who I love taking photos of and who keep me on my toes.  I enjoy taking them out and teaching them about the nature that surrounds us while still trying to get up close and personal with the flowers and foliage. They sometimes get sick of being my models and other times they cannot get enough of click of the camera.

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